He took on hell of a beating, but American Pat Cummins did what he needed to do to put Rafael Cavalcante away at UFC 190.

There was no doubt as to game plans going into this fight. Cummins was a solid collegiate wrestler, so he was out to grind the former Strikeforce champ into oblivion; the Brazilian wanted to land some of his heavy fists and club his way to victory. In the opening round, it was Cummins who expertly imposed his will, tossing “Feijao” to the canvas like a rag doll over and over again.

Feijao managed to score, though, punching his foe when they were on the feet and punching him when he was lying on his back – and his power was such that by the end of the second round, Cummins was a bloody mess.

Going into the third, it was down to who could execute their game plan without getting smashed, and a takedown and a rain of knuckles had Cummings TKO’ing Feijao at the 45-second mark.

With the win Cummins gets his career back on track. Calvacante is a different story…