Following Saturday’s UFC 161 event there’s likely been no shortage of debates regarding the card’s two split decision wins, and now another result is being scrutinized. According to Pat Barry’s manager, Brian Butler from Suckerpunch Entertainment, the heavyweight’s loss did not come as a result of Shawn Jordan’s awe inspiring punching power, but instead an eye gouge.

If you didn’t see the bout, Jordan appeared to land a couple of hard right hand uppercuts moments into the bout, which sent Barry stumbling back into the cage fence. After Barry didn’t fight his way out of a series of follow up punches, the fight was called to a halt. It lasted just 59 seconds.

In a report by Bleacher Report, however, Butler is claiming that Jordan’s thumb jabbed Barry in the eye, which set in motion the fight ending barrage.

“This was set to be a great fight, and what most people didn’t see was that this stoppage was due to an eye gouge Pat received from an uppercut,” Butler stated.  “The strikes themselves did not cause Pat to go down.  He took a thumb directly into his eyeball and turtles up to protect it.  Unfortunately, the ref did not have the angle I saw it (at), and the fight was stopped.”

Butler says that photos, taken from a different perspective than the PPV footage showed, verifies his claim. The manager also added that he has not been asked by Barry to approach the media about the eye poke claim, as the charismatic fighter does not like to make excuses for defeats.

Suckerpunch Entertainment has reportedly not decided yet whether they intend to launch an appeal regarding the alleged foul.

Barry has released a post-fight video that shows the damage his incurred, and why he must now blow his nose rather carefully, but he does not refer to any eye poke in the clip.