Chances are when you talk to your MMA pals about leg locks or heel hooks, one of the first names that comes to mind is Rousimar Palhares. Not only has Palhares won four UFC bouts to date with a heel heel hook, but of his 14 career wins, 6 have come way of the nasty finishing move. That’s both impressive and very scary.

So, as Palhares approaches his UFC Fight Night 29 bout with Mike Pierce, naturally questions have been raised as to whether he can catch the rugged wrestler with a sub. While speaking to MMA recently, however, Palhares warned he’s far from a one trick fighter.

“Anything can happen,” Palhares said. “I have many other submissions, I just haven’t had the opportunity to show them yet. I haven’t showed many things from my arsenal. You can’t think that I only have the heel hook, but I’m really good at it and people worry more about that. If my opponent doesn’t want to go to the ground because he doesn’t want me to attack his foot, he will train that a lot and maybe he doesn’t pay attention to other things.”

“I’m working a lot on my striking game,” he said. “I’m a different fighter now. I’m training with Erivan Conceicao, one of the best boxing coaches in the world, and he’s working a lot on my striking game. I’m very confident.”

Palhares also relayed that he’s feeling great at 170, as Wednesday’s scrap with Pierce will mark the first time he’s fought since moving down from middleweight. It’s a huge and intriguing fight for both guys.

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