The outcry and discussion regarding Rousimar Palhares’ controversial submission win at UFC Fight Night 29 has died down somewhat, likely due to the fact that the fighter has been banned by the UFC for his actions. Of course, as the week closed out, there was no shortage of stories about similar incidents and statements criticizing the skilled fighter.

Palhares’ manager Alex Davis, has been defending the fighter since the incident, by arguing that he is not a “bad person or dirty fighter”. Davis has acknowledged that Palhares has had issues in the past with hurting opponents and training partners, but added that the fighter has worked hard on controlling his submissions. Now, Davis has published an editorial at MMA, in which he argues the media and critics have gone too far and are essentially attacking Palhares. Here is some of what the renowned manager had to say:

I’m not defending Rousimar’s actions. He did wrong in holding Mike Pierce’s ankle that long. But this situation is being way over blown. Rousimar has already been punished. He was denied an obvious “Submission of the Night” bonus, and he was given a four-month suspension by the CABMMA. But this guy is being crucified in the court of public opinion and turned into something he is not: a mean, monstrous person who is out to hurt people. This is simply not the truth.

Next thing that will happen, is that Rousimar – through a simple, crazy media frenzy – will become such a monster that parents will tell their kids at home, “Behave, or Rousimar Palhares will come and get you.”

Come on! This has turned into one of the biggest bashing sessions in MMA history. People are gaining media at this guy’s expense; that’s whats happening.

Do you think members of the media have been too harsh on Palhares? What about the fans? Davis also relayed that a couple of organizations have contacted him about the fighter. Considering his abilities and name, that’s not too surprising.

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