Despite maxing out with a few perfect scores, Paige VanZant’s run in the latest season of “Dancing With The Stars” ended with a second-place slot (some deaf model took first place).

Yeah, that sucks, but let’s take a minute to reflect on how amazing it is that PVZ – a top strawweight in the UFC – accomplished so much on a mainstream platform.

In the past, we had the likes of Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell lumbering around the DWTS dance floor just waiting to get booted off. But this time around, MMA had a representative that truly kicked ass. PVZ no doubt cast the sport in a very positive light to many who’d never have given cagefighting a second thought.

MMAJunkie caught up with her after the show.

“I feel really happy. I won in my book because I was able to get out there and use my platform for something very positive, and at the same time I’m very ready to get back in the cage,” VanZant told MMAjunkie on Tuesday night an hour after the show ended.

VanZant said having to learn a new dance every week for the first six weeks of the show, then two dances a week through the final, was grueling. Instead of training for a fight every three or four months, she had to train for a dance-fight, of sorts, every week. “That’s exactly how it felt,” she said.

But the experience, despite being a grind at times, seems to be one that is an overall positive.

“It was really fun, and I wouldn’t change it for anything else,” VanZant said. “It was a long three months, but I loved every second of it.”


Regardless of whether you watch DWTS regularly or not, you should be thrilled over  what PVZ accomplished. I certainly am.