With the UFC 191 pay-per-view coming at us on Saturday night – and with it, all the fanfare worthy of champ Demetrious Johnson and challenger John Dodson (i.e., no fanfare whatsoever) – the UFC has done their usual hyping by releasing a bunch of Embedded vids. And sure, we get insight into all the key players, like “Mighty Mouse” and Dodson and co-main eventers Frank Mir and Andrei Arlovski. But nestled away on the undercard is rising female star Paige Van Zant, and dammit, she’s pretty much the best thing about these vids.

For sure Van Zant fights well. However, she’s cute, cute in the way a cheerleader from Texas A & M would be cute if she accidentally found herself in the world of mixed martial arts, and that’s somewhat compelling to watch.

Here are the first four Embedded videos. Play close attention to vid number four, which has Van Zant… I don’t know, filming a music video or something? What the heck is going in there?