The legendary boxing coach of Manny Pacquiao, Freddie Roach, has said he would love to train Georges St-Pierre should the super-fight with Anderson Silva be made.

Roach, having trained both men in the past, told Sherdog Radio Network’s “Rewind Show” that he thinks he know Silva’s style very well and such a fight a would be a war.

“If they fight, the size difference is, I think, possibly too much. But the thing is, if they did fight, I do know the style of Anderson very well. I know how he thinks a little bit,” Roach went on. “I know how he likes to lay on the ropes and how he likes to counterpunch a lot. We’d have to come up with the perfect game plan and we’d have to fight a perfect fight to win that one. There’s nothing impossible in the world. …Georges is definitely my guy and I’d train him to win that fight. We’d do the best we can, and I’ll tell you one thing: It would be a war.”

Roach went on to say how Anderson Silva didn’t impress him at first when he started training at Roach’s gym:

“[Silva spars] like Manny Pacquiao. [Pacquiao] doesn’t blow me away in the gym either because Manny’s about 30-40 percent also. Guys with that talent, they don’t really need to use everything they have. They save it for the fight. They’re veterans. It’s not bad. It’s just part of life.” said Roach, and he went on to say: “[Silva is] a very talented guy. The thing about Anderson, he understands distance and timing a little bit better than most at least in the boxing field. I learned that he was just toying with my guys because when I saw him fight for real, he was a whole different guy. When he wants to turn it up, he’s the best.”

Roach also discussed his legendary career in boxing, and how he prepares for his fights. Check out the link at the top of the page.