The question of who will headline UFC 146 continues on.

Alistair Overeem’s head manager Glenn Robinson attempts to clarify with Inside MMA’s Ron Kruck that the reports of Overeem testing with ‘elevated’ testosterone levels are simply untrue. It is actually his testosterone to epitestosterone (T/E) ratio that was ‘off,’ according to Robinson. As reported, Overeem’s test was flagged positive by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for a staggering 14:1 T/E ratio. Come April 24, Overeem and camp are still confident however that he will be approved to fight for the UFC heavyweight title on May 26th.

“I spoke with Glenn Robinson, manager of Overeem and he says he is very respectful and is hopeful that he will be granted his license and the entire team is very confident that he will be facing Junior dos Santos come May 26th” said Kruck. “Now Robinson wanted to make it very clear that despite other reports, Overeem did not test high for testosterone, but rather his testosterone to epitestosterone was off  and he has a reasonable explanation to why that is, which he will present to the commission next Tuesday.”

The assumption by most is that Overeem’s defense before the Nevada Athletic Commission will likely involve a TRT exemption. According to NSAC executive director, Keith Kizer, Overeem has not applied for exemption, but also does not rule out his eligibility for TRT use at this point.

“Kizer confirmed several things. Overeem has applied for a license to fight in the state and he will have the opportunity to present his case to the commission on why he should be granted that license, despite failing his pre-fight drug test. Now, some have speculated that he may use the defense of testosterone replacement therapy or TRT as a defense as we’ve seen several fighters do before. Speaking with Kizer, he has said Overeem has not applied for TRT exemption, but that does not mean he can’t. He has time to do that. As long as he gives the commission’s doctors time to deal with the situation.