Following a missed random drug testing for the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Alistair Overeem testified before the commission that it was a communication error due to leaving the States. The NSAC has since granted Overeem a second chance, should he pass four random drug tests in three weeks. Overeem has recently came out and said that this should prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he is in fact clean of performance enhancing drugs as some has suspected him of.

“I’ll be tested four times in three weeks this month, so after this, there cannot be any more doubts,” Overeem said. “The thing is, I’ve fought in the States before and every time I got tested, I’ve never tested positive. So I don’t where all [the speculation about steroid use] is coming from. I’m too focused on my career, and I don’t really pay attention to these messages.”

He fought once in Nevada before, at PRIDE 33 in Las Vegas on Feb. 24, 2007, and had no problems with testing, though he was a light heavyweight at the time.

“I cannot judge other fighters, though of course sometimes you have your suspicions,” Overeem said. “Do I think testing should be [done] more [frequently]? Yes, I do think it should be done more, but I think it should be applied to all athletes and not just a randomly select few.”

Asked then if that meant he’d support random pre-fight PED testing for all fighters on a card, Overeem said, “That would be the fair thing to do, right? Otherwise, you would have select testing, and that is unfair.”

Source: Yahoo! Sports