I guess in Holland flirtation comes in the form of punches to the face and choking. It’s not the first time Alistair Overeem gave a small female fan a taste of his power (video below).

We may not know what is being said, but it doesn’t stop you from enjoying what must be a ‘tutorial’ to striking and choking. Perhaps not the best look for the former Strikeforce champ as he had a close call with the law in Vegas after his Lesnar fight. Reem was said to have assaulted a female in a popular night club.

Overeem is expected to come off of his one year suspension at the end of December. He is not scheduled to fight on the UFC’s final 2012 card, but you can expect to see him back in early 2013 in either a contender belt or a title fight as he was originally scheduled to fight Junior dos Santos before his pre-fight test showed Overeem with godly 14-to-1 T/E results.