Following last weeks UFC 146 pre-fight press conference, all of the fighters in attendance were given an impromptu drug test. All fighters were tested for¬†diuretics, masking agents, anabolic steroids and T/E ratios.¬†It seems that Overeem is the only fighter to fail the surprise testing at this point. They have only tested Overeem’s A sample which means The former Strikeforce champ has the option to request to have his B sample tested as well. Not likely to vary much though as Alistair’s T/E ratio was more than ten times the current accepted level.

While this failed test would likely put Overeem out of the proposed title fight at UFC 146; luckily the main card is filled with plenty of other heavyweights who could step-up and take the shot. A title shot for former champion Frank Mir would not be out of the question at this time. This is all just speculation at this time however. We have yet to hear a response from Alistair or his management team as of yet. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.