Hopefully Alistair Overeem is already planning “something else” in his game-planning for his next opponent Frank Mir, who he will be taking on at UFC 167 in November. “The Reem’s” last two outings have not ended well for his career. After suffering a come from behind knockout loss to Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva — then repeating the performance against Travis Browne, it’s clear that rushing in for the kill is not always be the best strategy.

During a recent interview, Alistair hinted at what could be construed as retiring from mixed martial arts or just changing his fighting style.

“I’m telling you this, if I lose to Frank Mir I’d better start doing something else,” Overeem said during The MMA Hour. “If I lose to him and that’s three in a row, then I’d better start doing something else, right?”

Of course, the follow up would be, does this mean you’ll retire? Making his his comments more ominous, Overeem continues:

“Well, I’d still like to fight a couple of years — that being said, I’m not going to retire. Primarily, I just need to beat this guy.”

The former K-1, Dream and Strikeforce champ seems confident that he cannot lose to the former UFC champ who also happens to be a bone breaking specialist. With both men on a skid, it will no doubt be interesting to see what they do with their backs against the fence. Either way “Reem” has no plans of ‘underestimating his opponent’ after criticisms of his losses to two less renowned strikers.

“The thing with all athletes and all fighters, it seems that he is a little bit on the down slope of his career with three consecutive losses,” Overeem said. “But, you should never underestimate an opponent. That’s something I’ve learned by now.”