Alistair Overeem may not be able to compete currently in mixed martial arts, but it doesn’t mean he can’t start marketing a possible title fight between Junior dos Santos and himself on his return in late December. During an interview with UFC Tonight, Overeem seemed surprisingly agitated by the recent news of JDS now calling for a fight with him over his targeted opponent, Cain Velasquez.

“First he wants to fight Cain [Velasquez] and now me. Talk all you want. Come into the Octagon. I will immediately say yes. Give me and the fans what they want. But he’s expecting that fight not to happen. I would welcome that fight and want it to happen. I would say yes every time to that fight.”

Overeem goes on to tell a story of a run-in he had with the champ at the UFC Fight Summit in which he says JDS refused to speak English when called on the bout.

“I think he’s afraid to fight me. He was happy that the last fight on May 26 didn’t happen against us. I approached him at the UFC Fighter Summit in Vegas and said, ‘Let’s do it. Let’s prove something to the world and lets fight.’ Then he suddenly acted like he didn’t understand English and how he wants to fight Cain first. The fact of the matter is, I’m the number-one heavyweight in the world and if he wants to be the number-one heavyweight, he has to come through me.”

The Reem intelligently plays to the champs pride, basically saying ‘they’ll question your title until you fight me.’

“Junior, give me and the fans and the UFC what they want. You’ve already fought Cain. That would just be another win. But a win over me would give you the number-one spot. Without a win over me, they’ll always question your championship. So bring it to the table, my friend.”

The bout is unlikely to happen anytime soon as it is unprecedented for a commission to reverse a decision, especially this late, meaning Overeem will not step in to the Octagon till 2013. With the champ now ready to fight, it’s doubtful they would let one of their top headliners sit on the shelf that long.

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