After a lot of debating today, the outcome has returned from the NSAC out of Alistair Overeem’s favor. Well, somewhat.

After Overeem’s council failed to convince the Nevada State Athletic Commission to license the former top heavyweight contender, the NSAC had decided to still offer some leniency. Alistair Overem has been asked to not apply at any other commission, should he want to re-apply at their suggested Dec. 27, 2012 date. That is nine months from Mar. 27 when the test sample was flagged positive. The usual punishment from the committee would come in a full year suspension, paired with hefty fines. Due to the ‘special circumstances’ of the situation the committee as a whole agreed to lower the licensing ban by three months.

No word from the UFC at this time, but as Overeem did in his last bout in Dec., he is technically eligible to compete on the UFC’s usual New Years card on Dec. 29. The NSAC actually suggested the date to ‘The Reem‘ during the hearing, but with only two days, it may be to close to the deadline for the UFC to consider.