Yet another distraction plagues Alistair Overeem as he comes into his biggest fight in his mixed martial arts career. Following an Ailing Mother stricken with cancer, the Nevada State  Athletic Committee (NSAC) running rigorous drug tests, and now his former friends and representation serving him with a lawsuit.

The allegations are that Overeem failed to pay Knock Out Investments 30% of his winnings from his bout about Fabricio Werdum in Feb. at the Strikeforce promotions.

“The suit was filed for a very simple reason,” Roderick J.Lindblom, legal counsel for KOI and Golden Glory. Alistair Overeem has been part of Golden Glory for 11 years. Knockout Investment has a management contract with him. The management agreement was from 2007 until 2012. They negotiated one of the largest MMA agreements in the history of the sport for him. And within days he accused them of some pretty shady stuff that is not true. And he has walked away from his contract.”

Source: ESPN