Former UFC light heavyweight champ Tito Ortiz has some controversial remarks about his former employer and former manager Dana White. Ortiz recalls his retirement fight against Forrest Griffin at UFC 148 and how the decision seemed ‘fishy’ in his opinion.

“After [he ran] out of the fight, that shows that he lost and for Dana to go back and run and get him to come back, there’s something fishy going on here,” Ortiz said to in a recent interview. “How does Dana know how the match is going to turn out? I thought something was fishy about that. Was it premeditated? Was it pre-planned what the answer was going to be? If If didn’t knock him out or if I didn’t submit him, they already knew who was going to win.”

For Tito, the decision looked to be ‘rigged,’ as he felt he did enough to earn the win in majority of his fans opinions.

“I thought I won, all my fans thought I won,” Ortiz explained. “When you drop a guy twice, take him down four times and you dominate by doing it … He never took me down. He never hurt me…. For the first time ever in UFC history, they showed strikes attempted — not strikes landed, strikes attempted. When do you ever show somebody with strikes attempted? He never hit me, I blocked all of them, I checked all of his kicks.”

Was Dana in cahoots with the athletic commission’s judges in order to assure the retired fighters loss, or is Ortiz being paranoid?

Photographer: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports