Tito Ortiz has announced that his bout against Forrest Griffin will be the last time you see him in the Octagon. With that being said, his plan is to leave it all in the cage and leave on a win. The former champ is emphatic that the performance he puts on July 7 will make you call for more Ortiz.

“It’s my whole legacy, it’s what I’ve been doing the last 15 years. It’s time to showcase my skills of knowing that I’m still one of the top ten guys of the Light Heavyweight division. Forrest comes to fight me. That’s why I asked to fight him, cuz he comes in to fight. He ain’t going in there looking for points. But, he’s the bully, I’m not going to let it happen, no way. Being up in a Big Bear, you get that heart of a lion. It’s what warriors do man. They get away, they put themselves in isolation and they train on something that they love to do and I love to fight.

I am here to die for my cause. Someone is going to have to carry me out of there cuz I ain’t giving up. I’m pushing right through his punches. No respect on his punches, I’m going to blast right through him. I am going to test his chin and I’m going to hit it over and over. I’m going to damage him, I’m going to try and hurt him.

I’m a fighter. I fight for a living. I fight for my family, I fight for my fans and I fight for myself. When I step into the cage, it’s not about the money, it’s about me getting my hand raised knowing that I’m the best guy that night. I will defeat Forrest Griffin within two rounds. I hope he is ready for a war because I am ready for a war. When I walk away, people are going to say, “Holy Sh**, Tito Ortiz shouldn’t be going anywhere right now.”

transcribed by MMAMania.com