Gunnar Nelson has long been heralded as the truth when it comes to next-level grappling in the cage.

Too bad he took on the Grandmaster of MMA-Flavored Jiu-Jitsu, Demian Maia.

For all three rounds the Brazilian took Nelson down, and while there put on a clinic in how to use vastly superior jiu-jitsu to make youngsters look helpless.

Of course, Nelson had his moments – he is an ace grappler after all. But those moments were about escapes from back-control and brief reversals, not about anything he actually threatened Maia with.

Meanwhile, Maia was on his back standing and on the ground, went for an armbar, mounted him, and peppered him with punches from every position.

Maia made it look like a walk in the park on a sunny day.

At the end of three rounds it was up to the judges to pick a winner. Maia made it easy for them, and they rightfully awarded him the unanimous decision.