Dan Henderson – an aging legend in the cage but apparently still very capable of killing dudes – won big in the UFC Fight Night: Boetsch vs. Henderson main event last night. Very big. 28-seconds-of-knockout-fury big. If things had played out differently, if “Hendo” fell to the much younger man in practically any fashion, we’d be calling for his retirement today. But he didn’t lose, and so now we get to speculate on who he could face for his next fight.

Of course, it’s should be noted that in his last seven fights, Hendo has only won twice. Granted, he’s lost to the elite – Daniel Cormier, Lyoto Machida, Rashad Evans, et al. – but they’re losses nonetheless. So should this decorated veteran face-smasher be taking on more of those ilk? Hell no! But there are second-tier fighters out there willing to bang, and like with with Tim Boetsch, that willingness is where Hendo will shine.

Here are some suggested opponents:

  • Chris Camozzi – When not getting submitted like a white belt every time he steps into the cage against Jacare, Camozzi is actually someone with a proclivity for throwing leather. It’s a safe bet he and Henderson would eschew all man-hugging for brief yet fierce gun battle.
  • CB Dollaway – Dollaway will never be a top guy, but he’s shown that he excels among the mid-level talent of the division. He’s also shown that he’s grown more comfortable winging punches, so he and Henderson would mix it up on the feet for sure.
  • Rafael Natal – Eh, why not. Natal has been banging it out as of late.
  • Costa Philippou – This guy is a precision striker who has been reluctant to pull the trigger lest he get dominated on the ground. He and Henderson would likely trade and trade wildly, and the end result would be one man unconscious.
  • Vitor Belfort – We saw how a TRT’ed-up Belfort did against Henderson (at UFC Fight Night 32), and we saw how a juiced-up Belfort did (at PRIDE 32). I think the highly-regulated Belfort that fought Chris Weidman would fare much worse with his chemical edge reduced. Third time’s the charm, you know.