They spelled Gilbert Melendez’s name wrong. The made Conor McGregor an “Ireland” short that left out Northern Ireland. The product descriptions on their website are full of mistakes. And now they’ve made a jersey for a UFC fighter named “Anderson Aldo”.


Ever since it was announced that the UFC was partnering with Reebok for an exclusive clothing deal, there have been a seemingly endless stream of laughable gaffs and failings on the part of the merchandise manufacturer. It’s almost as if they’re purposely half-assing the whole thing.

Here’s MMAFighting with a statement from Reebok on their latest mess:

For their part, Reebok says the error is the result of a mistake made at a single manufacturing location. “Unfortunately, an error was made at one of our printing facilities,” said a PR representative for the company. “We are currently working to rectify the issue.”

Do you get the impression that Reebok seriously does not care about MMA at all?