Even after a unanimous decision loss to Benson Henderson (16-2) at UFC 144, former UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar (14-2-1) is still the favorite to MMA oddsmaker Joey Odessa. Why?

“In rematches, Edgar seems to adapt well,” Oddessa told MMAjunkie radio “Case in point: the rematches vs. Gray Maynard and B.J. Penn.”

Odessa refers to Edgar’s notable improvements in rematches. As Edgar has said himself, he adapts during and after a fight. When Edgar’s decision over Penn was questioned, Edgar returned with a sharpened game-plan that made the difference in class obvious. In his third meeting vs. Maynard, Edgar used speed and footwork which concluded in a fourth round KO to retain the title.

If Edgar’s odds of victory were put into a percentage, Odessa estimates a 56% chance of victory to reclaim his title. Not the best odds to lay a bet, but still favors New Jersey’s small lightweight.

Playing devils advocate, there is many reasons to bet the underdog Henderson.  as Undefeated in the UFC, Benson Henderson is riding high with confidence as he’s recently been quoted as saying he looks to break Anderson Silva’s current title defense streak. Henderson has reportedly also outweighed Edgar by almost 20 lbs. on the night of their last fight which made a clear difference in the damage department.  Any sports betting man will tell you, the money’s in the underdog.

Source: MMAJunkie.com