Outspoken New York assemblyman and  anti-mma advocate Bob Reilly says he will not be running for a fifth term this year. Reilly is best known to the MMA community for his comments comparing the sport to prostitution and dog fighting.

Obviously good news for the MMA in New York movement as Reilly has been one of the main road blocks for the state for years. Too bad it doesn’t come sooner as there is currently an MMA bill circling the floor now with support from N.Y. Governor Adrew M. Cuomo. Whispers from the lawmakers look bleak though as the bill is expected to be stopped before reaching the full Assembly.

Zuffa execs say the issue is much deeper than even Reilly as it roots back to Nevada where the Culinary Union is pressuring the Zuffa organization to force their station Casino’s to be unionized. Both sides refuse to budge with Zuffa confident that the regulation will come without giving in to the strong-arm tactics of the culinary union.