It was not a good night for the Brazilian heavyweight as Big Nog’ tapped moments late from a painfully torched kimura from opponent Frank Mir that later was found to be a severe fracture. First professional opinions were optimistic that surgery may not be required, but that did not end up being the case.

“Mr. Nogueira suffered a complex fracture to his humerus. The fracture began in the middle of the bone and extended to the elbow region. Unfortunately, the radial nerve [one of the main nerves lending a feeling of power to the hands] was damaged. The nerve is located in the area of the fracture, and the bone compressed it. Before the operation, he had very little strength in his hand and no strength whatsoever in his thumb. The operation involved an incision behind the arm. The nerve was removed from the location of the fracture and treated. The fracture was fixed with a plate and 16 screws, and now, less than 12 hours post-op, his hand functions are returning and the bone is mending. If all goes well, he’ll be back to full training in the coming months and should be 100-percent to fight in six months or less. We foresee him making a complete and full recovery.”

Should the UFC give the Pride FC legend another bout, Minotauro will need around six months to be back 100%.