UFC President Dana White has always had a public persona that one usually wouldn’t see among presidents of mainstream sports franchises.

He’s known for his f-bombs and his rants; the likes of which wouldn’t be seen by an NFL commissioner, for example.

But in recent years, he’s been a bit more subdued — possibly due to the ongoing legislation against the UFC, or possibly due to his trying to continue to “elevate the sport.” The latter, in fact, was White’s own wording as he described the new sponsorship agreement with Reebok.

Last night, however, as fans taunted the UFC President on Twitter about the controversies surrounding the Reebok deal, he lashed out like the White of old.

It started innocently enough:

But then it escalated:

When a member of the radio-controlled car-racing community (!) chimed in, White really lashed out.

Here’s another:

A rumor was mentioned about an impending sale of the UFC. When a fan tweeted that White & company wouldn’t be missed, White snapped back:

White became sarcastic with another fan:

But he did find common ground with another:

There’s more at Mr. White’s Twitter, but maybe it’s best to end on a high note.