A hard pill for middleweight Chael Sonnen to swallow as he finds out his chance to appeal to the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) for his fighting license to be reinstated will not be short of a year from May 18, 2011 according to CSAC executive officer George Dodd. On top of that Dodd says he will need to show some positive contributions to the sport when he reapplies.

” He is going to have to show that he’s done something to promote the sport, promote goodwill. “He does a lot of good things already. He talks to kids and stuff like that about making right decisions. But he’s going to have to show that he’s making the right decisions as well. You can say it, but you have to make those decisions yourself.”

In the meantime what can the Oregon Gangster do for income? He does still have the option to fight in Europe, and Japan or maybe even try out pro wrestling as he already has the character down. Thoughts of the UFC featuring a fighter out of the country though are unlikely as the UFC does not want to start making enemies with the Athletic Commissions by circumventing Sonnen’s punishment, but you never know.