Nick Diaz may miss an interview or two, but when he gives them they are interesting. Coming off a year suspension/semi-retirement, Diaz is getting the biggest chance of his career when he takes on Georges St. Pierre at UFC 158 for the welterweight title. This is a grudge match nearly two years in the making, and it seems that while Diaz’s hatred for the longtime champion has subsided a bit, he still has a lot to say about him.

Diaz states in the video that he has only ever talked bad about GSP, because he never asks for the big fights whether is it Anderson Silva or a champion of a rival promotion. That is true even going back as far as a year and a half ago when Diaz was supposed to face GSP in October of 2011 but was pulled from the main event. It may be old, but it is a great tirade.

“The bottom line is Georges is being a little b****. He didn’t step up and say anything when the UFC pulled me out of this fight. I understand sometimes you have to do what you’re told, but why wouldn’t you tell the media you still want to fight me? If I was Georges, I would want to fight the best. I would have asked for the Anderson Silva fight. I would have asked to fight the Strikeforce champ. But he sits there like a robot and doesn’t say anything at all, just like he’s not going to say anything about me calling him a b**** now.”

Maybe Diaz is right, because even back then he was telling GSP he should have asked for the Silva fight. Learning karate, boxing, and BJJ made Diaz the person he is today, and he will have to back up everything he has been saying all this time in less than two weeks.

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