The presumption that an athletic commission should be fair and just in protecting fighters and upholding the integrity of the sport went out the window today, as the Nevada State Athletic Commission suspended UFC star Nick Diaz for five years for failing his UFC 183 postfight drug test for marijuana.

Diaz was in attendance at the hearing, which ended up providing a ton of drama as his expert legal team completely took the Commission to task over a multitude of things, including the handling of the sample and their interpretation of state law. At one point, Diaz was given the opportunity to speak and was asked questions by the Commissioner Pat Lundvall; his repeated and only response was to plead the Fifth Amendment. The badgering of Diaz drew the ire of his attorney, who blasted Commissioner Lundvall for trying to make his client look bad.

Commissioner Lundvall’s response was to suggest a lifetime ban.

None of the other sitting members agreed with that, but given Diaz’s transgressions in the past, they settled on suspending him for five years and fining him $165,000.

This likely won’t be the last we hear on this matter, as it’s almost certain that Diaz’s attorney will file an appeal with the Nevada Supreme Court, which can overrule NSAC administrative rulings.