Nick Diaz may or may not have failed a drug test back when he fought Anderson Silva at UFC 183, but the Nevada State Athletic Commission really screwed the pooch when they arbitrarily tried to suspend him for five years over the perceived infraction – a punishment that ultimately garnered Diaz the support of thousands, including a Nevada senator and Cher (!).

Well, it seems a new settlement may be reached on the matter next week. As per MMAFighting:

Nick Diaz may finally learn his fate next week.

On the agenda for the next Nevada Athletic Commission meeting, there is a hearing on a motion for reconsideration and proposed settlement agreement regarding Diaz. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday in Las Vegas.

Items from an agenda are moved often, so there is no guarantee that the Diaz situation will be resolved this month. NAC executive director Bob Bennett told MMA Fighting that Diaz is on the agenda as of Thursday, but it’s not set in stone.

Here’s hoping Diaz can return by the summer.