Nick Diaz has always been a polarizing figure for his antics in the cage, but who knew his battle outside of it would garner the most attention?

Recently, the ardent weed smoker got in some serious hot water with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and under the guise of punishing him for a (possibly) failed post-UFC 183 drug test for marijuana, they suspended him from competing for five years (we all know the real reason they punished him is that he put up a decent legal fight at the NSAC hearing though, right?).

Anyway, a senator from Nevada has come out in favor of the NSAC getting their act together in regards to Diaz. As per TMZ Sports:

TMZ Sports spoke with Senator Tick Segerblom of Senate District 3 — which includes parts of Las Vegas — who says he’s not happy with the punishment doled out by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

“I think what they did was totally inappropriate,” Tick says … “[marijuana] is a recognized medicine in the Nevada constitution so how can you punish someone for taking medicine, particularly since it doesn’t enhance your ability to fight?”

He added, “They need to rethink this punishment and then ultimately change their rules.”

Ultimately, a senator doesn’t have the juice to influence an athletic commission, as they’re two separate branches of government. But it’s good that our boy Nick is getting some support.