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Nick Diaz Might Be Able to Return in July

Nick Diaz Might Be Able to Return in July

We live in an unjust world, so when those rare moments that justice is served come, they are best savored.

Savor this: Nick Diaz, who was suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for five years, could actually come back to the cage in July.

Here’s Ariel Helwani on UFC Tonight:

“I’ve been told there have been significant talks between Nick Diaz and the Nevada Athletic Commission. I’m hearing that the suspension could be reduced from five years to 18 months and the fine reduced to $100,000. If all is going well, this could be announced in the next few days or in a week or so. Could be very good news. He’d be free to fight July of 2016.”

Clearly, what we have here is an athletic commission that knows they screwed up, and they know because the public outcry made their bosses aware of the issue. Now they have to cover their asses.

That’s justice, and I’ll take it.

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