The verdict is finally in and it comes with a large gavel hammering Nick Diaz out for a full year of his career. Fortunately for Diaz it is not a full year from now, but retroactive to the UFC 143 event date of Feb. 4th. Also taken from Diaz was 30 percent of his $200,0000 purse, equaling in a $60,000 fine.

Though Diaz’s council attempted to argue the required use of marijuana to combat his attention deficit hyper disorder (ADHD), the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) did not  agree. The case was made worse when Diaz fell into the trap of agreeing with the commission that his ADHD was not a ‘serious’ condition. When asked if he felt his only crime was not stopping his marijuana use earlier before testing, Diaz responded, ‘perhaps,’ which may of likely dug a deeper hole for the former Strikeforce champ.

Shortly after the bad news, manager and trainer to Nick, Cesar Gracie took to Twitter to voice his anger.

@UFC Get drunk and wreck cars or do steroids between fights is OK. Smoke weed legally between fights and NSAC throws the book at you

Cesar is referring to the recent DUI arrest of  light heavyweight champ, Jon Jones after crashing his $200,000 Bentley into a tree. As for the steroid comment, the one-year suspension looks to be equivalent in penalties at this point.