It’s a strange form of karmic justice when Nick Diaz, a man who could probably handle jail time the best, gets sentenced for the least amount possible. But that’s just what happened in the erstwhile UFC star’s DUI cases, which came to a conclusion recently with a judge sentencing him to two days in the slammer.

Here’s TMZ (ugh) with the details:

As we previously reported, the 31-year-old fighter was arrested for DUI in Lodi, CA back in September … just one year after he was previously popped for DUI in the same city.
Diaz was facing real jail time if convicted in both cases — but struck a sweet plea deal with prosecutors in which he pled no contest to DUI with .08 or higher, and in exchange 3 charges were thrown out … including the second DUI.

He was sentenced to 2 days in jail — and gets credit for 1 day served … so he’ll be a free man in no time (props to Nick’s lawyer).

In addition to the jail time, Diaz also got 3 years of informal probation and must complete a DUI educational course.

Diaz is expected to surrender to authorities and knock out his jail sentence after his next hearing later this month.

Hopefully Diaz learns his lesson on this one, because another DUI could mean another whole day in jail.