Nick Diaz is ever-evolving. Whether it’s his skills in the cage or for press obligations, we are seeing new sides to the Stockton triathlete during the build-up process to UFC 143. One thing is for sure, Diaz’ confidence is now on a new level following his dismantling of Bj Penn at welterweight.

I think the people in this sport think I’m crazy,” said Nick Diaz. “I don’t want to be the bad guy; I’m not a bad guy. I’m here to fight, I train to fight.

“I think I’m the most well rounded fighter in the world. I deserve a spot in the pound-for-pound rankings. And that’s what I’m fighting for.”

“I’m going to be ready to fight Carlos Condit … he’s the best fighter out there. He’s winning his fights, he looks good. He’s beat everybody, he fights better than everybody. In my eyes, he’s better than Georges St. Pierre … I respect his style of fighting.”

“I just try to keep it real. I’m not going to put a fake on for you, and put on a show and act I’m somebody I’m not.

“I have no idea when it comes anything else. I just fight.”