It’s always a rare occasion whenever you get to hear Nick Diaz speaking in public to the press. The former Strikeforce champ did just that last night as he joined MMA Uncensored Live in the New York studio, alongside his brother Nate as he takes a break from preparing for a title shot.

Nick is not known for opening up in interviews, as he gave the usual answers to the usual questions, including ‘yes, he would fight GSP tomorrow. Surprised? The Uncensored writers seemed to know how to push Nick’s buttons as they asked all the controversial questions as they usually do with guest. In an obvious attempt to provoke Diaz, they ventured into his thoughts on Anderson Silva fighting Stephan Bonnar, after his suggestion of fighting Anderson was scoffed at by most, including UFC president Dana White.

“They said in what world does it make sense,” in referring to Dana White’s reaction when Diaz’s camp tried to push the idea of a Silva vs. Nick Diaz fight at one point. “Me or Stephan Bonnar, it would have been a big laughing matter or a joke, but that’s what’s happening now. I think if I was Anderson Silva and I’m on my way out of this and I’m 37, I’m looking to do a few more fights like that. I want to fulfill my legacy and I’m not going to be able to do it with Stephan Bonnar.

Nick was then asked another question expected to provoke him, as he is known for his disagreements with judging in MMA. What do you think of the judging in your bouts? Surprisingly we hear a reserved answer.

“It gets pretty confusing,” he said. “I’ve learned from my mistakes in the past, why I thought I’ve lost fights before. I’ve come back, not so much made improvements in my fighting style, but made improvements in what I have to do to win. Sometimes, I do the opposite of what I did last time and I still come up short. It’s hard. It’s not like they’re telling you what you need to do to win the fight other than finish the fight.”

The controversy was not created as expected, but with the hot topic of marijuana being illegal in the sport, the question of marijuana being a “performance enhancer” was brought up to Nick.Unfortunately for them, Nick once again gave a different response than expected.

“Well, I think if somebody can use it to help them medicinally, it’s going to be performance enhancing regardless,” said Nick.