Nick Diaz is no doubt an elite fighter – tough, smart, agile, in your face, submission nightmare – are a few words you could use to describe him. I truly wish there were more fighters in MMA like the Diaz brother’s, they are always willing to take on anyone, anytime.

So how would Nick do against UFC champions Georges St. Pierre or Anderson Silva?

Nick Diaz:

“I’d like to fight both GSP and Anderson Silva because I think I could beat them, but they [UFC] won’t ever let that happen.”

Some blogs are a already labeling this as crazy talk from Nick, but I say he is a very big threat to these champions. How many fighters, and great fighters have gone in there against these guys leaving a long list of other contenders in the wake only to freeze and get shut down? Too many is the answer.

I think Nick has that no fear attitude and that drive to get in there and perform to his game plan and not be flustered by the hype of his opponents, whether it be GSP or Silva. I say he stands a great chance against these two – and would make for an exciting fight. The question of would he win – well he obviously would not be the favorite going into a fight with Silva or GSP but he is a definite threat to the two. Diaz has an iron chin, world class Jiu-Jitsu, and a rare fighting spirit that many in MMA don’t have, so I wouldn’t be so quick to call the man crazy.