Following a one-year suspension of Nick Diaz’s fight license on Feb. 4 2012, for his second failed performance-enhancing drug test for Marijuana metabolites, Diaz had been removed from the planned rematch between himself and top contender Carlos Condit. The Diaz camp now looks to rectify the issue.

Nick Diaz along with legal council, Ross Goodman have now filed a lawsuit against the Nevada State Athletic Commission on the grounds of violating statutory laws and Diaz’s Constitutional rights to due process. What that means is after Diaz was suspended the NSAC did not grant him his hearing within 45 days. Because of this, it is possible we could see a lift on Diaz’s suspension, meaning Diaz could potentially step in for a rematch against Carlos Condit as he himself assumes. Here’s Diaz’s statement below.

“On February 7th, 2012, the UFC’s President publicly announced that Mr. Condit agreed to an immediate rematch against me. It is my understanding that the winner of that rematch will be offered a contest against Georges St-Pierre, the current UFC welterweight champion. The summary suspension against me, made without any consideration of the merits of the Complaint, is the only reason I am aware of that a rematch against Mr Condit has not been scheduled. If the summary suspension is set aside, I would be prepared to compete against Mr. Condit or against any other opponent deemed suitable immediately.”