Nick Diaz had some great performances at middleweight, but  is looking forward to making his 170lbs. Strikeforce debut with a welterweight title bout against DREAM champ Marius Zaromskis. The fight is going to take place on January 30th for the Strikeforce:Miami event.

Diaz hasn’t competed at 170lbs. since his win over Glesion Tibau at UFC 65 in 2006. Diaz stated that;

“I’m happy to fight at that weight, I think I look and perform the best at that weight. I’ve been waiting for a long time to fight in Strikeforce at welterweight. Those last few fights weren’t my idea. I’ve been fighting as a welterweight most of my life so jumping up was a new thing for me but I’m happy to be fighting back down here.”

Prior to the matchup with Zaromskis, Diaz and Zaromskis were rumored to be having a bout against Jay Hieron, but nothing ever came of it, for either fighter. Rumors of the three fighters avoiding each other surfaced, but Diaz and Zaromskis aren’t worried about it.

“I’m just fighting who they want me to fight,” said Diaz. “That’s how it is. That’s why I don’t open my mouth and start talking shit. I can’t say ‘Georges St. Pierre is a pussy. He won’t fight me.’ I can’t just do that. I’m ready to fight anybody. I’m ready to fight Jay Hieron and everybody in this weight class.”

“I don’t listen to that kind of stuff,” Zaromskis added. “A fighter should fight whoever is put in front of them. If Hieron doesn’t think that I’m famous enough for a fight right now, I’ll have to wait until I become famous enough to get a shot at him. It’ll come eventually.”