Nick Diaz’ fight against his suspension just took another turn. After his 5 round loss to Carlos Condit, Diaz tested positive for marijuana metabolites. He now must answer to the Nevada State Athletics Commission(NSAC) before whatever punishment he receives can be handed down. Diaz has maintained his innocence on the basis that he is legally allowed to use marijuana after being diagnosed with ADHD, but herein is where the problem lies.

The NSAC has requested a copy of Nick Diaz’ medical marijuana card. As of now, Diaz nor his attorney, Ross Goodman, have been able to produce the card to the NSAC, and according to them the request has been made for more than a month. Now Goodman is petitioning that the NSAC has not acted in the proper amount of time, and the issue should just be dropped. He has given a doctor’s statement showing Diaz’ need for it which he deems enough proof.

While the lawyers, attorneys, and athletic commission try to sort out the issue, Diaz will be back in action. It may not be in MMA since he is suspended currently, but he will be taking on Braulio Estima on May 12th at the upcoming World Jiu-Jitsu Expo in Long Beach, California.