You can’t keep a good man down, and though erstwhile UFC fighter Nick Diaz may not be anyone you’d want to babysit your kids, he’s at least a very good man in the cage – a cage that, when last we heard from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Diaz was barred from for five years for *maybe* failing a postfight drug test for marijuana.

Well, it seems the tide has changed in that regard, because Diaz’s unfair suspension may be whittled down to the point that he could be return in 2016.

Last night Diaz posted this to Instagram:


If you’ll recall, the Nevada Commission seemed to issue their suspension of Diaz based on how much they didn’t like that he put up a vigorous legal defense. In effect, they were punishing him for simply not admitting guilt, and what they levied upon the fighter exceeded their own guidelines. What followed was a huge amount of public support for Diaz, which included comments from a Nevada senator and Cher. If the Commission is pulling back from that punishment, it means they either realized they went too far, or someone with authority took them aside and said, “You messed up.”

What does this all mean?

Hooray for justice!