Justice is served.

After months of stewing over just how arbitrary and capricious the Nevada State Athletic Commission can be and how badly Nick Diaz got screwed by them, today saw the scales tip back in our favorite marijuana-smoking fighter’s favor.

At a hearing today – that Diaz did not attend – the commission voted to approve of a settlement that was ironed out between both sides. As per MMAJunkie:

Hunter Campbell, a managing partner at Campbell and Williams, told MMAjunkie in an email: “With respect that Nick will be able to fight again beginning Aug. 1, I’m pleased with the outcome of the settlement.”

Pierson said of the settlement: “It’s been an ongoing process, since almost immediately following the original hearing. This is a compromise that we’ve been working on. Campbell and Williams did a great job in getting Nick back to fighting.”

Diaz’s settlement, which MMAjunkie obtained and can be viewed here, was signed Monday by the fighter. The agreement requires him to pay the NSAC fine before his next fight or Dec. 1, whichever occurs first. He agrees to provide clean urine samples 30, 15, and three days from his next bout in Nevada for all prohibited substances in- and out-of-competition. (It should be noted that marijuana is not prohibited out-of-competition, rendering moot Diaz’s tests for the drug.)

Diaz also agrees to file his application for a fight license at least 30 days from his next bout. If Diaz again tests positive, he is subject to disciplinary action by the NSAC. If he decides not to fight in Nevada, he is merely bound to the terms of his amended suspension.

Court costs from the settlement will be split by the fighter and the commission, which also agree not to take further legal action against each other and waive the right to appeal the decision to higher courts. The parties do not admit any liability in the matter.

Note the last part: “The parties do not admit any liability in the matter.” You know what that is? That’s the NSAC covering their asses because they know, from the insane amount of backlash, how badly they messed up.

But whatever. Instead of being suspended for five years, Diaz gets to come back this summer. Hooray!