Where you at Nick? As yesterdays UFC 158 open workouts rolled out, Nick Diaz ended up being a no-show once again for his media obligations. We also heard Dana White yesterday make comments that if Nick continues to not show-up, “it won’t be  good (for him).” First thought to come to mind when I heard White–Johny Hendricks gets the shot. After all the dust settled, we hear Nick speak out on Twitter, explaining that it was in fact the UFC that had him miss the event.

“Would of been happy to show for the fans but UFC got me here at 12 last night Gorge lives here!”

Nick then linked to Georges St-Pierre’s response to Nick being a no-show. In the interview St-Pierre says again that he hates dealing with media and that Nick should have to do it as well. Could it be that the UFC is setting up Nick to be the bad guy? Stranger things have happened.