Retirements overrated. Mr. Indecision himself, Nick Diaz is looking to make his way back to the UFC after once again retiring, following his unanimous decision loss to Georges St-Pierrie at UFC  158 on March 16. If you follow “nickdiaz209” on Instagram, you may have recently noticed Nick posting pics with his “ex” love partner.  One of which featured the caption:

“Never post pictures of your girlfriend on Instagram. Especially if you love her! #xgf #x #single #ftw #hatelife #might #have #to #slap #the #winner #tomorrow #need #a #fight #danawhite”

Nick Diaz wants figh

Read between the hash tags. As much as we sympathize for the broken heart, we’re glad to hear that Nick’s heart is back in the cage. As for getting the winner of Silva – Weidman… You sure that’s fair Nick? Is that the way of a martial artist, cutting in line? Coming off two decision losses, it may not be the most plausible outcome, but we’ve seen stranger match-ups as of late from the UFC. Hey they’re giving the ‘fans’ what they want.