NFL Red Zone’s Andrew Siciliano recently made a guest appearance on KROQ’s Kevin and Bean Show trashing mixed martial arts as just being a barbaric, bar fight. The equivalent of Jon Anik saying NFL is just guys colliding over and over, causing high levels of head trauma for a pig skin. Doubtful Anik would ever be so brash about another sport, but Dana White would.

Could this be a precursor to a heated battle between the NFL and UFC on its new shared home on Fox? UFC is use to mud slinging with competitors such as boxing, and it may need to defend itself against the king of North American Sports in the NFL. It could be a few more years for mainstream analyst like Siciliano to understand and even respect the sport as they do boxing. It’s all about education and Siciliano’s level of education on the sport is glaring as he describes a mad fighter kneeing, punching and choking simultaneously.

“I just think it’s garbage. I will tell you why. It’s a bar fight. Honest to god, if you told me who fought [this weekend] and put their faces on the wall, I couldn’t match their names to the face. I am proud of that.”

Here’s why, because I realize boxing is bad, I’m not going to defend boxing. It’s a bad sport right now.It’s not interesting. Floyd is boring, and a criminal at that. What he has eight things against him in court, in Vegas.I don’t need to see someone choke a dude, put a knee in his leering, and punch the side of his face until he yells please stop.

“To me that’s a bar fight. Oh it’s safe cause he can tap out. Please… If I’m choking you and holding your head down with my knee, while punching you in the nose, there is no other way to describe that, regardless of the level of fitness of the combatant, than a bar fight. It’s an absolute bar fight. Okay, I’m going to kick you in the knee a couple of times, and maybe while I kick you in the knee I’m going to choke you, get you to the ground.”

Here’s what Mr. Siciliano had to say when asked the difference from Boxing.

“Because if I knock you down it’s over. I’m standing here. I don’t jump on top of you and try to beat your brains in while your defenseless on the ground. The Gladiators were huge in Rome before it fell too.”