After Chris Weidman pulled off an upset against Anderson “The Spider” Silva at UFC 162, he took the Spider’s title in more ways than won. Yes, he won the belt, but he also won the right to be called the best. Both Sherdog and MMAweekly have now ranked Chris Weidman as the number one middleweight in the world with Silva sliding into second place. Since Weidman was previously ranked third, when Anderson moved to second place it pushed the current number two contender, Vitor Belfort, into the third position. The rest of the middleweight top ten positions have stayed relatively the same. It will be interesting to see how the top 10 rankings for this division shift within the next few months, as many warriors will be vying to take that top spot from Weidman now that the seven year reigning champ, Silva, is no longer guarding an untouchable belt. Both Vitor Belfort and Mark Munoz are gunning for Weidman, and there is also the chance that the Spider could be waiting in the wings for a rematch.