Comcast subscribers and MMA fans can rejoice, as FOX has now signed a deal to bring their networks to the cable provider. This means all the people stuck with Comcast will be privy to FX and Fuel TV, which feature a ton of UFC content. FX and Fuel TV combined to air over 10 fight cards for the UFC last year. Also, Fuel TV carries all pre-fight and post-fight shows after major UFC events, which include interviews with fighters, breakdown and highlights of matches, and even predictions on what should happen next for the fighters involved in the events.

This new business deal brings the FOX networks into approximately 22 million more homes. Supposedly, Fuel and Speed, both FOX channels, are going to rebranded in an attempt to create a sports destination for viewers. One has to wonder if this signing will help the process. 

Dana White has been reluctant to release much information on that to the public, but he promises that this change has been in the works since a year ago when the UFC and Fox signed their deal.

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