You know a fight is truly a massive one when people continue to talk about it for months in advance, which is clearly the case with Weidman-Silva II. Sure, the media is responsible to an extent, but really, as soon as people realized on July 6th that Chris Weidman had in fact knocked out Anderson Silva, rematch talk swarmed the MMA world.

So, despite the fact the rematch is still (unfortunately) weeks away, and their UFC 162 bout happened nearly two months ago, Silva continues to field questions about Mr. Weidman. Of course, initially it looked like Silva and Weidman were going to go their separate ways, but “The Spider” changed his mind and appears to be pretty focused on getting the middleweight belt back. Case in point, in a recent interview with Sirius XM Sports, here’s some of what Silva had to say about the loss, the rematch and his future  (quotes via MMA

“I’m very excited for the rematch,” Silva said about their December 28th, UFC 168 rematch. “The new Anderson is coming in December.”

“I respect my opponent,” the former champ argued, while discussing his showboating and whether he took Weidman lightly. “I fight for a long time. I don’t disrespect my opponents. This is my strategy, my fighting style. People say ‘Anderson didn’t respect Weidman,’ but it’s not real.”

“I lost my fight, and for the first time in my career I got knocked out. I wasn’t happy when the fight was finished. I went back to the hotel, and Dana talked to me three days [later]. ‘It’s really important for your legacy,’ he said. ‘We need you back for the rematch.’ My coach said, ‘yes, it’s very important. One more fight, one more chance for the fans watch you fight for the belt.'”

“In the UFC my legacy is complete because I broke all the records, but now I [have] the chance to change my life again [and] pick up the belt back,” Silva said. “I’m very excited to finish my new contract in the UFC. It’s part of my contract, win or [lose].”

It’s an amazing way to close out the 2013 campaign no? It’s also going to be interesting to see what kind of PPV numbers the card does (which will also feature Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate II).

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