The day started off just like any other, with fighters and promoters all over their world going about their usual business. Then the Nevada State Athletic Commission convened for a scheduled meeting, and after discussing and approving varies sundry things like referee assignments for boxing matches and applications for licenses, it was time for the topic of testosterone replacement therapy and testosterone usage exemptions to be tackled.

And then just like that, TRT and TUEs were banned.

It was a unanimous vote, and the ban applies to those granted in the past as well as those expected to be applied for in the future. Nevada won’t even recognize those granted by commissions in other states.

Thanks to an excellent piece by ESPN, we know that such fighters as Vitor Belfort, Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson, Frank Mir and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson have enjoyed TUEs in various jurisdictions. Now, if they ever hope to compete in Nevada again, they’ll have to go without those precious injections.

The banning also raises a big question over what will happen with the main event of UFC 173, which was slated for May 24 in Las Vegas and was to feature Belfort challenging middleweight champ Chris Weidman for his belt. Will Belfort be willing to compete without TRT? Will the bout be moved to Brazil? Will Weidman end up facing someone else?

There are no answers to those questions now, there’s only speculation. But one thing is certain: the landscape of the sport changed dramatically today. And it changed for the better.

What do you think about the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s decision?