Interested in seeing the once rotund heavyweight Roy “Big Country” Nelson drop a weight class? Following his decision loss to Fabricio Werdum at UFC 143, the former IFL champ will likely look to revise his physique even further.  Nelson would just like one favor in return; for you to go click like on his Facebook page.

The reason is my friend and I had a discussion about what was better? I think twitter just because of use and for fans interaction, but Facebook is 20x bigger. So we decided to bet. I said if it so easy and great I should be able add 100K fans in 2 weeks because I have that on twitter. Facebook is bigger and better so this should be easy. Right?”

Bet is I will try to get to 205 if I can add 100k to in two weeks. I love to win bets. Plus he will have to give me a part in his next movie.

Two-weeks from now we will see if Nelson reaches the goal and starts the cut down. Currently, Nelson has gained around 10k fans only hours after the announcement. 90k at that rate should be a breeze. Question now is who at 205 lbs. does Nelson match up with first?