Nate “The Great” Marquardt bounces back from his recent loss to Yushin Okami with a victory against a game Dan Miller via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27). Here is the play by play action.

Round One:
The two touch gloves and get the fast foot motion going. Nate dives forward with a jab and switches to a takedown and gets a guillotine but is unable to finish. Dan Miller attempts a takedown as Marquardt bounces impressively on one foot across the ring twice before completing against the fence. Miller gets a guillotine now and Marquardt intelligently circles out from full guard to escape. Marquardt now in the guard drops some elbows. Miller holds a high guard attempting to throw up submissions at transition points. Ref. Mirgliata stands the two. Marquardt leads with a dashing jab again and switches to a takedown by lifting Miller high before completing. The round ends with Miler attempting a kimura to end the round.

Round Two:
Nate throws a low leg kick and Miller responds with the same. Marquardt retorts with a high kick that lands. Miller now dives in with a landing jab. Nate lands a shot to the stomach and comes inches from a counter uppercut. Marquardt lands a flying knee and Miller counters with a takedown. The two stand and end up in clinch. Marquardt lands a knee and backs up. Marquardt starts winding up in his punches and follows with a takedown. Miller had the neck on the way down and attempts another guillotine but Marquardt breaks lose and is now in the guard raining elbows as the round ends.

Round Three:
Nate lands a right and Miller counters with his own. Nate backs and does again and Miller counters with uppercut. Marquardt lands some big rights and Miller is starting to bleed below his right eye. Miller attempts a takedown and Marquardt stuffs and circles but is refused the back as Miller pulls guard. Miller attempts to work rubberguard but is stopped by Marquardt. Nate starts again raining elbows again. Miller is able to push off the hips and attempts a kimura but looks unable to overpower the arm of Marquardt. Marquardt starts to stack Marquardt and Miller goes for a triangle attempt but is unable to get as the final round winds down.

Marquardt now carries big wins in the Octagon over Dan Miller, Rousimar Palhares, Demian Maia, Wilson Gouveia, Martin Kampmann and Jeremy Horn.