Nate Diaz – the superhero/superstar trashtalker who is suddenly a multi-millionaire because he and Conor McGregor made magic together – was not on drugs when he fought the Irishman. So leave him alone about that damn vape pen he puffed on during the postfight presser!

As per MMAFighting:

Marijuana didn’t show up in Nate Diaz’s system, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t be sanctioned.

Diaz passed his UFC 202 fight-night drug test administered by USADA, UFC vice president of athlete health and performance Jeff Novitzky told MMA Fighting on Monday night. However, USADA is still reviewing Diaz’s use of a cannabidiol (CBD) oil vape pen at the post-fight press conference that night, per spokesperson Ryan Madden.

Though Diaz’s drug test was clean, him telling the media he was vaping a CBD oil pen could fall under the “admitted use” clause in the UFC’s anti-doping policy run by USADA.

You know what, though? Even if Diaz gets punished for vaping, the dude made so many millions of dollars that a fine and suspension won’t mean much. He’s a good place.